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Stroud Township has laws regarding snow, roads, and parking. Make sure you know them.
Residents are urged to read the letter from Stroud Township Codes Enforcement Assistant Zoning Officer, Judy Cherepko (in PDF format).

Snow Emergency:
A snow emergency will be declared when snow has accumulated to a depth of three or more inches and requires snow removal or treatment. Emergencies will be declared by the Roadmaster and will be announced on all local radio and TV stations. Vehicles must be removed from township roads so that the roads can be plowed. Violators will be subject to having their car towed and/or paying a fine. See Ordinance 119.

     A Township comprehensive "Winter Operations Plan" for the challenging task of snow plowing and de-icing local roadways will soon be going into affect again. The Township is divided into eleven maintenance districts, with each being assigned a plow truck and operator. The Plan identifies primary and secondary plowing assignments for every road in each district. Secondary roads will be plowed and salted after all primary route assignments have been completed. All trucks are radio dispatched to assist police, fire and ambulance agencies responding to emergency calls. For this reason, a truck may be ordered to leave a specific route or district to ensure that emergency vehicles can safely reach the emergency. While the Plan provides a systematic approach to snow removal for our Township, many factors may require deviation from the plan. These include the time a storm arrives, the duration of a particular storm, the type of precipitation, local emergencies, early school dismissal, and equipment breakdowns. Ordinance 119 provides that a Snow Emergency will be declared by the Township Roadmaster and announced on local radio and TV stations when snow has accumulated to a depth of three or more inches and requires snow removal and treatment. Vehicles must be removed from township roads so roads can be plowed. Violators may be subject to having their cars towed and/or paying a fine. Portable basketball hoops must also be removed from streets.

Snow Removal Hints: Wait until the snowplows have made two or three passes before clearing the snow from the end of your driveway.
Shovel the snow to the right side of your driveway (when facing the street). This will keep the snow you have already shovelled from being pushed back into the driveway area when the plow passes. Do not shovel, plow, or deposit snow from driveway or parking lot into roadway. To do so is in violation of Stroud Township Ordinance 201, Section 2 J.

     Remove all vehicles from the street to allow for proper plowing, cindering, and to avoid having your vehicle towed. If possible, stay off the road during a snow emergency. 
     For your safety and to avoid legal penalties, stay off the roads with snowmobiles and ATVs.
     Adopt a fire hydrant in your neighborhood and keep snow cleared away so the Fire Dept. can more easily locate them.
Stroud Township is NOT responsible for digging out residents' mailboxes!  That is the responsibility of residents.
More info in Stroud Twp. Fall 2014 newsletter on page 3.

Stroud Township 2015 Spring Leaf Pickup
Stroud Township residents' leaf pick up schedule is available in the office or here in PDF format. Weather permitting, collection begins April 13th, weather permitting and runs through the 24th.

Stroud Township 2015 Spring Cleanup
Stroud Township's annual spring cleanup will be held Wednesday, April 29 through Saturday, May 2, 2015. Details are available in the office or here in PDF format

Stroud Township Newsletter 
    The Stroud Township Newsletter
s: Spring newsletter 2015, Fall newsletter 2014,   Fall newsletter 2013 and Spring 2014 are available on this website in PDF format.

Political Signs Permit Application  
    There is an updated form in pdf permit available for printout now on-line.

Tenant Registration is required for all landlords, owners, or property managers of any non-owner occupied dwelling in Stroud Township. Whether it is rental of a single family house, an apartment within a house, or a multi-apartment dwelling, one form is required for each unit and submitted annually by May 31st or within 30 days of a change in occupancy. There is no fee. The Tenant Registration Ordinance is on-line at:
Please print out the two page form on-line, complete, and mail or drop off to the Township office at 1211 North Fifth St.  Registration of residential tenants will aid in equitable distribution of tax levies, emergency services, zoning and code compliance, proper waste disposal and recycling.  For more information or help in filling out the form, call (570) 421-3362 and ask for Sharon Grover or Daryl Eppley.
     Completed forms can be mailed, faxed or emailed to the township as listed on the form. There is no fee.
General information:

1)  One registration form per residential dwelling unit.
2)     There is no registration fee.
3)     Landlords are required to complete, sign and return the form to the township.  Tenants can assist by providing their applicable information on the form to their landlord. 
4)     A landlord’s failure to file a completed form or their filing of a false report can result in a fine up to $1,000.
For more information or help in filling out a form, call the township at (570) 421-3362 and ask for Sharon Grover or Daryl Eppley.

Stroud Township Bicentennial
    To celebrate Stroud Township's Bicentenniel in 2017, we have started a Bicentennial webpage to give some historical facts about life in Stroud Township in various time periods of our history.
   An old township map circa 1875, referred to as the Beers map, is now on our website to aid residents interested in learning what Stroud Twp. looked like about 140 years ago. Please be patient in loading the map and when zooming in as it may take a minute to load.

Address Marker RemindersAre you displaying your house numbers in compliance with Stroud Twp.’s 911 Re-Addressing Ordinance?
If your house is set back from the road more than 100’, the numbers should be at least 3” to 4” reflective white on a  6” X 18” dark green reflective marker on a post by your driveway.
     If your entrance is closer to the road than 100’, you can put at least 3” to 4” reflective white numbers directly on your house on a contrasting background by your entrance.  The numbers should be seen clearly from the roadway in front of your home. 
Our Fire Dep’t. is no longer selling the markers, but Cramer’s Home Center in E. Stroudsburg, Home Depot on Rte. 611, and Steele’s Hardware in Tannersville have the materials to make up your own.
     This Ordinance was the result of the 911 Monroe County Re-Addressing project, which purpose is to make every house and business more easily found by emergency responders.     For more details, visit:    

Monroe County 911 Address Change Project
    The Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Department is no longer accepting orders for address markers. Residents that have not gotten markers yet can purchase them at local stores. The following are known to have sold them recently: Cramer's Home Centers in East Stroudsburg, Lowe's on Rte. 611, and Steele's Hardware in Tannersville. The purchase and mounting of the marker is the responsibility of the resident. For details on the re-addressing project and how to be compliant in displaying your address, please go to:
Remember to report your address change
to the Monroe County Assessment Office. It is a different office and uses a different computer system than the County 911 Control Center which assigned the new numbers.  Use this Address Change form.   Fax or mail it to their office at: Monroe County Assessors at 1 Quaker Plaza, Room 102, Stroudsburg, PA 18360-2171. Fax # is 570-517-3854. Be sure to SIGN it.

Parks - New Picnic Area Regulation Amendment 
    It has become necessary due to misuse of our park picnic areas in Pinebrook, Yetter, and Brodhead Creek Park to prohibit picnicking in some areas as per Resolution 2014-38. Please read the resolution for details. We are sorry for any inconvenience to our residents.

New Electronic Recycling Ordinance: The State of Pennysylvania has made it illegal to dispose of electronics in your regular household trash effective January 24, 2013. For further details, see article in pdf format. You can call DEP at 800-346-4242 to find where you can take them, or wait until Stroud Township's Spring Cleanup, held annualy around the beginning of May, to dispose of the items then.

Township Park Use, Non-Resident Fees, and, Pavillion and Ballfield Reservations
        There is now a Park User fee for Brodhead Creek Park and Pinebrook Park on Rte. 191 for Non-Residents of Stroud Township.
         $10 Daily Per Non--Resident (ages 12 and under free) between May 18th and September 8th, 2013
         No Park Usage fees for Stroud Township residents and residents of reciprocating Monroe County PA municipalities, or for PA licensed fishermen when fishing. Proof of residency will be required.

      Please note, that fishing in the pond at Brodhead Creek Park is only allowed for children under 12 and special needs adults.

     Stroud Township has delegated the handling of pavilion and field reservations  to Stroud Regional Open Space and Recreation Commission at 15 Day Street, East Stroudsburg.  You will have to obtain and fill out the application, provide proof of residency, and fees to the SROSRC.
    The  Stroud Township Park Ordinance is still in effect as well as pavilion rules and field rules.

Election Districts and Polling Places
     Your legal address determines which district you are allowed to vote in. If you have not voted in 3 years at that polling place, you will have to re-register!  If you don’t know your district and you are registered, call Voters Registration at 570-517-3165 or look on your Voter's registration card for the District you are in. You have to vote in the district you are registered in.

Stroud 1 - Stroud Township Municipal Building, 1211 N. 5th St. (Rt.191)
Stroud 2 - Pinebrook Bible Camp Meadowbrook Building, Rte. 191
Stroud 3 - Wesleyan Church, 915 N. 5th St.
Stroud 4 - Hughes Library, Chipperfield & Rte. 611
Stroud 5 - Howard Johnson, Rte. 611
Stroud 6 - Pocono Mountain Bd. of Realtors Office, Business Rte. 209
Stroud 7 - Poplar Valley Methodist Church Annex

Political Signs - can be erected no more than 15 days before election, and must be removed no later than 3 days after the election.
The maximum sign size is 3 sq. feet. You can have one per candidate on your property, but there is a 50' distance requirement it must be from a neighboring property's sign for the same candidate.

Yard Waste & Compost Facility: Stroud Township operates a Yard Waste Compost Facility at our Gaunt Road Maintenance Building located off Route 611 one half mile north of Stroud Mall.  Residents may bring leaves, grass clippings, tree branches, limbs and brush to the facility for chipping and composting during daylight hours only.   Compost and garden mulch is made at this location and is free to township residents with proof of residency when available.  There is a fee for assistance in loading your vehicle.   There is a new Compost Facility Fees Resolution setting fees for commercial and non-Stroud resident use.   Burning Leaves is Prohibited in Stroud Township by local and federal DEP regulations!

Open Records Officer
Stroud Township's policy is to comply with the Pennsylvania's  Right to Know Law (Act 3-2008).  Supervisor Daryl Eppley is Stroud's Open Records Officer.   A form is required to be filled out for the information requested which you can print out from this site, or pick up at the office at 1211 North Fifth Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360. For questions about the form or policy, call Mr. Eppley at 570-421-3362, or email him at

Amendment to Sign Ordinance  Passed March 20, 2012
Some of the noteworthy changes are as follows:
1.   Different kinds of menu boards are permitted allowing business patrons to select products and services at the point of ordering.  Parking stall menu boards must be screened by landscaping.
2Electrically-activated changeable signs are permitted: 1) on a ground sign where 3 or more public school buildings are located (Chipperfield Drive campus) and 2) on a canopy over drive-through service lanes where customers remain seated in a vehicle.  In the event of an emergency, these signs can flash to alert emergency responders and the public.
3.    Projecting wall signs up to 12 square feet, or its content, can be changed manually 3 times in a 24-hour period.   These kinds of signs are intended to give business owners more ability and flexibility to advertise while at the same time reduce and replace portable signs which are not permitted.
     Guided by legal counsel and court cases, the ordinance amendment was crafted to provide more effective signage for the township’s growing and diverse business community while maintaining our community’s character and to establish provisions for the use of electronic technologies in certain signs, thus preventing a costly legal challenge to a sign ordinance deemed exclusionary.

Making Your Neighborhood Safer - Crime Watch, Anonymous Tips etc.
If you’ve been reading the newspaper and see that there is more crime in our area, you may feel that your previously safe neighborhood is becoming increasingly at risk. There are things that you can do to enhance the safety of your neighborhood.   Foremost is to be aware of your surroundings and get to know and talk to your neighbors. Watch out for their homes and children like you would want them to look out for yours. When you see something that looks suspicious and you think a crime is being committed, call the Stroud Area Regional Police at 570-42l-6800.

There is also an On-line Anonymous Tips Form at and Anonymous Tip phone #570-424-7002. If someone is in immediate danger, call 911. 

For reporting information anonymously about a serious crime or wanted person, call Monroe County Crime Stoppers at 1-866-370-1518. You could be eligible for a cash reward!

Consider forming a Crime Watch as a first line of defense. A group in E. Stroudsburg meets the last Wednesday each month at 7 p.m. and could give you tips on how to proceed, such as keeping a log of suspicious activity. They meet at the Police Commissioner’s Hall, located next to the Stroud Area Regional Police Department, 100 Day Street, in East Stroudsburg.

Graffiti on buildings, bridges and overpasses, which may or may not be gang related, should be reported immediately to the Stroud Township Municipal Center at 570-421-3362. A representative from our office will take pictures and forward the information to the Monroe County Gang Task Force office. The property owners will be notified and asked to have the graffiti removed as soon as possible.

Reward for Apprehension of Park Vandals
If you see anyone putting graffiti on park property or causing other types of damage, please call 992-9911 immediately. Follow up with a phone call to our office at 421-3362.   Cell phone photos or license plate numbers would be helpful. If the vandal is successfully prosecuted, you will receive a $500. reward!

Septic System Care Saves Repair Costs
      Keeping your septic system working properly to prevent an expensive system replacement depends greatly on what you put down your drains and the frequency of pumping your septic tank.  Visit to learn about scheduling pump-outs and what common household liquids can ruin your septic system. Find out what other precautions you need to take to keep the system working well.   Your system is malfunctioning if you see water around the edge of your drain field or have sewage backing up into your home. There are low cost Pennsylvania loans that you can get to fix septic problems. Contact Sewage Enforcement Officer H. Beers, Inc. to learn more (570) 421-3362.

Cherry Valley Community Supported Agriculture
     Stroud Township has a partnership with organic farmer Heidi Secord for her to run a Community Supported Agriculture program in Cherry Valley on Township owned agricultural preservation property.   If interested in becoming a member, e-mail or write to Cherry Valley CSA, Josie Porter Farm, 6514 Cherry Valley Rd., Stroudsburg, PA 18360.  For more info on the CSA, go to

     Taxes are paid annually in two separate billings, one for Municipal and County Property taxes and the other for Stroudsburg Area School District taxes.Taxes are payable to: Tax Collector Wendy Bogart Shiffer, and can be mailed to 1212 Christopher St. (rear), Strouds-burg, PA 18360. To receive a receipt, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. If you prefer to pay in person, Tax Collector Office Hours effective March 1st, are: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesdays 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.  (Other times may be available by appointment)

       Directions to 1212 Christopher St.: Going north on Fifth Street, make a left onto Clearview Ave. Make the third left off Clearview onto Christopher. It is the first house on your left past the intersection of North View Rd.
       There is an Earned Income Tax (EIT) of 1.25% (.0125) if you reside in Stroud Twp., and an Emergency & Municipal Services tax of $10. (formerly OPT- Occupational Privilege Tax) if you work in Stroud Twp.  These taxes are collected by Berkheimer Tax Administrator (610-599-3139).  If your employer is not witholding these taxes from your paycheck, you can pay with a form at tax time.   The state has once again changed the name of the local tax from OPT to the Local Services Tax. Stroud Township has enacted an Ordinance that will change the amount collected to $52.  Those who earn less than $12,000 annually will be exempt. The fee wil go towards emergency services, including medical, police and/or fire services, road construction and/or maintenance, and/or reduction of property taxes.
      Assessment related questions should be directed to the County Assessment Office at 570-517-3133. For delinquent tax questions call the Tax Claims office at 570-420-3500. More tax info can be found on our tax webpage.

Local Earned Income Tax forms
     Our office has extra Earned Income Tax (AKA Berkheimer) forms are available for you to pick up if you did not get one in the mail for each person who had earned income for 2007 or 2008 in your household.

Mandatory Recycling
     It is state mandated that Stroud Township residents recycle.  Grant money is received from the state based on what percentage of our trash picked up by our trash haulers is recycled. This can help off-set taxes, so it pays for all of us to recycle both monetarily and environmentally.

     Each resident may have two recycling containers from the Township for curbside pick up by their trash haulers.  They can be picked up at the Township building (1211 Noth fifth St.) once you have made arrangements with your trash hauler to pick up your recycling. Each hauler has specific pickup dates for recycling and has specific items that they accept for recycling.

     In addition to your trash hauler picking up recyclables, you may also drop them off at the REACH Recycling depots. They are the blue bins located on Rte. 447 in Analomink.  There are separate bins for each of the following: newspapers, corrugated cardboard, glass, mail, magazines, aluminum cans, metal cans and #1 and #2 plastics. It is important not to mix plastics other than #1 or #2 as these will contaminate the load and make it useless. Newspapers can be bundled in brown paper bags but not plastic. Household or office paper should be put in brown paper bags so they do not blow around and litter the area. No household items, trash, garbage or clothing should be left at the bins as that is considered littering and can result in a fine. If the recyclable items do not fit into the correct bin due to it being full, please do not leave it or put into another bin. Please stop by again on another day. 

Stroud Township Provides Special Recycling of Energy Saving Fluorescent Bulbs

     Recent campaigns to reduce energy consumption have increased the popularity of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs). These bulbs contain about 5 milligrams of mercury. Although this is a small amount compared to old thermometers which contained 500 milligrams, it is still a hazardous amount. Fortunately, the mercury is not released unless the bulb breaks during handling or disposal.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends special recycling and disposal of these CFLs. Stroud Township is offering residents free recycling of CFL bulbs in the Township office at 1211 North Fifth Street. EPA is working with CFL manufacturers and retailers to expand recycling and disposal efforts, so hopefully stores that sell them will soon accept them also.

     If you break a CFL bulb, the EPA recommends that special precautions be taken to protect your health. First, open up windows in the room and shut off central heat or air conditioning. Leave the room for at least 15 minutes. When you return, scoop up the glass and powder with heavy paper. Then, place it inside a glass jar with a metal lid, or seal it in a plastic bag. Use sticky tape like duct tape to get the smaller residue. For carpet, you can then vacuum, but you must immediately put the vacuum bag or debris into a sealed bag, as well as use damp paper towels to wipe out the vacuum canister. All of this can be brought to the Township building for disposal. If the bulb broke on a hard surface, after picking up the larger pieces as described above, instead of vacuuming, use damp paper towels to pick up the residue and put in sealed bag.

    Despite the environmental impact of mercury from millions of these bulbs ending up in landfills, with proper recycling and disposal, the use of these bulbs is still encouraged to reduce greenhouse emissions that are contributing to rapid climate change. CFLs use up to 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. If every home in America replaced just one incandescent bulb with an Energy Star CFL, in one year it would save enough energy to light one million homes and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 800,000 cars. For more information, go to

Battery Disposal
Household batteries except for rechargeable and automotive are ok to be disposed of in your trash. Rechargeable batteries can be recycled at Home Depot or Radio Shack. Car batteries can be taken to Sears Auto Dep’t. and other car repair centers for recycling.

Road Barricades
During road flooding, traffic accidents, downed power lines, or other emergencies, some roads may be closed by Emergency Management, or the Fire or Police Departments.   Residents should not drive around or move these barriers, which are placed there specifically to prevent people from entering the area due to hazardous conditions! 

False Alarms
       False fire alarms continue to be a problem. If your fire alarm goes off accidentally, call your alarm company immediately to cancel the fire department response. Three false alarms a year can cost you more than $300. and wastes the valuable time of our volunteer fire fighters. Every time they answer an alarm, it takes them away from their job or family. It also puts needless wear and tear on millions of dollars of fire equipment. Stroud Township Volunteer Firefighters were recently injured on their way to a false alarm and a fire engine sustained much damage. Our Air Pollution Control Ordinance #202, Section 3 states that burning shall be permitted on Saturdays between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The reason for this is that more volunteer firefighters are likely to be available in the event that the burning gets out of control. That happens frequently when homeowners do not follow the simple precautions of wetting down the area around the burning area, having a water hose close by the fire, or burning only when there is no breeze or wind. Violation of this ordinance is subject to a $100. fine per occurrence. See for info. Please check your carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries monthly.Free home safety inspections are available - call 421-1330, option 8.

For the latest info. on state or national EMERGENCIES, visit on-line and type in keywords or search words like pandemic or emergency preparedness.

Calendar of Public Meetings
     The public is welcome to attend all meetings. Meetings are held in the Stroud Township Municipal Building. Please check the newspaper for dates and times of Special Hearings.    Call the office at 570-421-3362 ito confirm.

Supervisors generally meet the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. 

Planning Commission Meetings are usually held the last Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM. 

Zoning Hearing Board Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, as needed, at 7:00 PM. and if all applications are not heard, they are continued until the following evening (Thursday) at 7:00 PM.  On occasion, if the items on the agenda warrant it, a second hearing may be scheduled and advertised for the next evening, Thursday.

Parks and Recreation Board Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the back conference room. (The meeting time and place may change in warmer weather if the Board wants to tour or hold the meeting at a park site. Call to check, if planning to attend.)

Stroud Township Sewer Authority meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 PM. (If holiday occurs, it will meet the third Monday)

A SIGN ORDINANCE is in effect! Please contact Zoning Officer John DeCusatis at 421-3362 for any new sign or changes to exisiting signs.

Litter Patrol and Reporting

    Township resident Rich Banks has organized a volunteer litter patrol to help clean up Stroud Township. If you would like to help him one day or several days, please call him at 570-424-1657.  To report someone who is littering, call 1-888-LITTERBUG.  For more information, please visit and 

     Monroe County has organized a volunteer team to respond to local litter problems, including illegal dumping. New volunteers are always needed, and expected to keep an eye on local roadways and report visible problems as they occur.  If possible, personal identification found in litter or dumping should be  called into the office for follow-up. Supplies (bags, signs, gloves, safety equipment) will be available through the Litter Control office should you like to go the extra mile and do litter cleanup too. Any found or filled litter bags will be picked up by our Litter Control staff. Please call 420-3525 to report litter or to volunteer to help.

Township Meeting Room Displaying Local Artwork
Stroud Township’s meeting room is now doubling as an art gallery in a partnership with Pocono Arts Council. A local artist’s paintings are displayed for two months. Visitors can purchase an art piece through the Arts Council and pick it up at the end of the show.

Township Volunteer Boards
Periodically, Stroud Supervisors need to appoint new members to various Township Boards when vacancies occur. If you think you would like to be considered for these volunteer positions in Parks, Sewer, Zoning, Planning or Open Space, please consider attending several meetings, and if still interested,send a resume and a letter stating your interest.

Act 44 Disclosures are now required by law to be posted on municipal websites.  This is in regards to Township Acturial Consultants and the Non-Uniform Pension Fund Manager.  (See Act 44 forms of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and Beyer-Barber)

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