Who's Who in Stroud Township Government

Stroud Township Elected Officials
Stroud Township Board of Supervisors (public meetings are the first and third Tuesday each month, 7 p.m., unless falls on holiday)
Edward Cramer - Chairman/Treasurer (term expires 01-01-16)
Daryl Eppley - Vice Chairman/Secretary (term expires 01-01-20)
James  Decker - Supervisor/Roadmaster (term expires 01-01-18)

Stroud Township Tax Collector
Wendy Bogart Shiffer
(office hours at 1212 Christopher St. (rear), mailing address: P.O. Box 128, Stroudsburg, PA 18360-0128)

Stroud Township Auditors
Ann Fetherman - (term expires 01-01-19)
Dr. Frank Herting - Secretary (term expires 01-01-16)
Dr. Clarence Murphy (term expires 01-01-18)

Stroud Township Magistrate
Daniel Higgins

Stroud Township Constable
Rich Connell

Stroud Township Appointed Boards, Commissions, Representatives, Employees and other Appointees

Open Records Officer
Daryl Eppley - Stroud Township Supervisor (570-421-3362)

Stroud Township Board of Supervisors Representatives
Richard Deetz, Esq. - Township Solicitor
Todd Weitzmann, Esq. - Alternate Township Solicitor
Reilly Associates, Christopher P. McDermott, P. E. - Township Primary Engineer                                               
RKR Hess Associates - Township Alternate Engineer
Reilly Associates, Joseph S. Durkin, P.E. -  Township Alternate and Traffic Engineer   

Zoning Office and Planning Office
John DeCusatis - Planning Administrator & Zoning/Codes Officer/Alternate SEO
H.M. Beers, Inc. - Zoning/Codes Officer/Sewage Enforcement Officer
Judy Cherepko - Assistant Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer
Truman Burnett - Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer
Jeryl Rinehart - Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer

Building Codes Office (subcontractors to implement PA Uniiform Construction Codes))
Dave Manter - Building Codes Inspector, BIU Inspection Agency 

Stroud Township Office Personnel
Judith Adkins - Township Office Manager and Recording Secretary  
Pamela Hafler - Township Bookkeeper
Kendell Benasutti - Township Receptionist/Secretary
Sharon Grover - Township Clerk
Susan Herczeg - Part Time Clerk
Harold Hock - Custodian

Stroud Township Sewer Authority Office Personnel
Brenda Klein - Office Manager
Sharon Grover - Part Time Office Clerk

Stroud Township Road and Public Works Crew
James L. Decker - Roadmaster
Judy Cherepko - Seasonal Laborer
Joshua Cramer - Laborer
Terry Decker -  Laborer
Don Jennings - Light Equipment Operator
Alex Kearns - Seasonal Laborer
Randall Litts - Mechanic
Ronald Litts - Heavy Equipment Operator
Michael Palmer - Seasonal Laborer
Mark Pysher - Road Laborer/Sign Foreman
James Somers, Jr. - Seasonal Laborer
Christopher Staples - Seasonal Laborer
Ronald Tinney - Park Superintendent
William Unruh - Laborer
Douglas Walker - Equipment Operator/Foreman

Stroud Township Fire Department
Bruce Owens - Fire Chief

Stroud Township Emergency Management Control
Rich Banks - Emergency Management Co-ordinator

Suburban EMS

Glen Brook Golf Club
Dustin McCormick - Managing Professional
Jeffrey Feick - Maintenance Superintendent
Kevin Hart - Assistant Superintendent
Jeffrey Zimmerman - Golf Course Mechanic

Stroud Township Sewer Authority  (meetings are fourth Monday each month, 7:00 p.m.)
Angela McKenzie - Chairman (term expires 01-01-19)
Seth Tanner - Vice Chairman (term expires 1-1-18)
W. Richard Taitt - Secretary (term expires 01-01-19)
Helen Beers -  Treasurer (term expires 01-01-17)
Richard Houloose - Assistant Treasurer (term expires 01-01-18)
Robert Kelly - Assistant Secretary (term expires 01-01-15)
John DeCusatis - Member (term expires 01-01-16)
Brenda Klein - Sewer Authority Office Manager
H. Clark Connor, Esq. - Primary Sewer Authority Solicitor
Richard Deetz, Esq. - Alternate Solicitor
Reilly Associates, Joseph S. Durkin - Sewer Authority Engineer
Sharon Grover - Office Clerk

Stroud Township Volunteer Litter Control
Richard Banks

Stroud Township Zoning Hearing Board (meetings are first Weds. each month)
Keith Drozal - Chairman
Patricia Blank Toombs -  Vice Chairman
Paul Porter - Alternate Member
Philip Barcafer - Alternate Member
Patricia Kennedy - Alternate Member
Joseph McDonald, Jr., Esq. - Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor
Jeffrey Durney, Esq. - Alternate Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor
Sharon Grover - Recording Secretary

Stroud Township Parks and Recreation Board (meetings are the fourth Tuesday each month)
Mark Sowers - Chairman (term expires 01-01-17)
Ruth Piancone - Vice Chairman (term expires 01-01-19)
Cameron McKenzie  -  Secretary (term expires 01-01-17)
Paula Gordon- Member (term expires 01-01-18)
Ann Horvath - Member (term expires 01-01-16)
Mary DeQuevedo - Member (term expires 01-01-15)
Josh Cramer - Member (term expires 01-01-18)
Sharon Grover - Township Clerk
Judy Magann - School District Liaison (term expires 01-01-15)
Terry Eilber - School District Liaison (term expires 01-01-15)

Stroud Township Planning Commission (meetings are the last Weds. each month at 7 p.m.)
Taylor Wenck - Chairman (term expires 01-01-16)
Joseph Holbert - Vice Chairman (term expires 01-01-15)
Patrick Briegel - Secretary (term expires 01-01-17)
John Christy - Member (term expires 01-01-16)
Vic Keen - Member (term expires 01-01-18)
George Vlamis - Member (term expires 01-01-18)
Christine Scrofano - Member (term expires 01-01-17)
Cramer, Swetz, McManus, P.C. - Primary Planning Commission Solicitor

Richard Deetz, Esq. - Planning Commission Alternate Solicitor
Reilly Associates, Christopher McDermott, P.E. - Planning Commission Engineer

Environmental Advisory Council (second Tuesday each month at 7 p.m.)
Joseph Holbert - Chairman (term expires 01-01-15)
Daryl Eppley (term expires 01-01-15)
Ruth Piancone (term expires 01-01-15)
Sharon Wary (term expires 01-01-15)
Kendell Benasutti - Recording Secretary
John DeCusatis - Planning Administrator

Stroud Area Regional Police Commission (Township representatives)
Keith Albert  (term expires 01-01-17)
Daryl Eppley (term expires 01-01-16)
Rick Staples (term expires 01-01-15)

Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission (Township representatives)
Linda Wiles  (term expires 01-01-14)
Elizabeth Wright (term expires 01-01-15)
Ray Moeller (Alternate, term expires 01-01-14)

Agricultural Security Area Advisory Comittee
Edward Cramer  (term expires 01-01-14)
Daryl Eppley  (term expires 01-01-14)
Zandee Wicks  (term expires 01-01-14)
Daniel Turner  (term expires 01-01-12)
Ann Fetherman   (term expires 01-01-12)

Vacancy Board
Hester Deetz

Uniform Construction Code Appeals Board
Daniel Henning (term expires 01-01-15)
Robert Masten, Jr.  (term expires 01-01-15)
Nate Oiler (term expires 01-01-15)

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